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Wedding Usage
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Wedding Usage

The wedding is the most important thing in a girl’s life, every bride all hope her wedding to be unique in the world, so the layout of the wedding is very important, and the choice of the placemats series is even more important.

JINHUA WANTU Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Chinese PVC hot-stamping placemats, WANTU series PVC placemats can not only meet the requirements of Chinese wedding for couples but also meet the requirements of the Western wedding.

If couples want to hold Chinese wedding, WANTU hot-stamping series placemats, tablecloths, cup mats will make the wedding more Chinese traditional, luxurious, elegant and noble. Unique placemats with Chinese unique tableware, make the wedding full of Chinese characteristics, give the scene a lively and warm atmosphere.

If couples want to hold a Western wedding, WANTU PVC series placemats, tablecloths, cup mat, especially the use of champagne, silver, and light blue products will make the whole wedding a simple and atmospheric feeling. With the beautiful decoration of the placemats, the placemats and flowers are integrated, so that guests feel the touching of the wedding as if they are entering a fairyland, dream, beautiful.

WANTU PVC Products has advantages that ordinary cushions do not have. Such as easy to wash, quick to dry, the material is non-toxic, environmental no-stain and fade, hygienic, moisture proof, wrinkle-resistant. So, if couples use WANTU products, it not only brings pleasant dining experience to guests but also makes the whole wedding more fashionable and atmospheric.

In a word, WANTU is the best choice to decorate the wedding.
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