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Choose Plastic Dinner Mats to Make the Dining Table More Stylish
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Choose Plastic Dinner Mats to Make the Dining Table More Stylish

Plastic dinner mats are practical items and decorations on the dining table. Its choice is like dressing and matching. Although there are no written rules that apply to all sizes, there are some experiences worth sharing.

Ⅰ. Selection of plastic dinner mats

When choosing plastic dinner mats, the size and proportion of the table should be considered, and the principle of non-overlapping should be taken into consideration. In addition, the combination of the plastic dinner mat and the dining table gives the desktop a flat composition with a square drawing. The overall composition should be coordinated, and the choice of colors and materials should not create a sense of abruptness. Regarding the matching of plastic dinner mats and cutlery, the size is based on the ratio of the tabletop to the cutlery. After the cutlery is placed, the cutlery should not run out of the placemat. The round plastic dinner mat is matched with the round dinner plate. If the round dinner plate is to be matched with the square Plastic dinner mat, it depends on whether there is too much difference in proportion and proper white space. According to the color matching of the table, if the whole table is mostly white, then simply use the same white plastic dinner mat. It is best to see fresh and natural flowers on the plastic dinner mats. When choosing flowers, pay attention to the flower type. If it is a slender pattern, it has a noble temperament, which can complement the European style.

Ⅱ. Some tips for choosing plastic dinner mats based on some experience

1. Solid-color or plain-color Plastic dinner mats are not easy to make mistakes, adapt to various styles, and will not steal the limelight of food;

2. On the basis of plain color, simple lines or textures can be selected as appropriate, and it can also be used as a versatile basic model;

3. The stripes of the basic model are also a safe match;

4. If you prefer a pattern, you can choose a plain pastoral style plastic dinner mat, which will look particularly good with ordinary silver tableware.

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