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How to Clean the Plastic Table Placemats?
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How to Clean the Plastic Table Placemats?

Ⅰ. Clean the plastic table placemats:

After shredding the soap and washing it with boiling water, rub the plastic table mat in the soap solution to remove the dirt.

1. Water-soluble dirt

The feature of this kind of dirt is that it can be dissolved and removed by water. Salt, sugar, soy sauce, fruit juice, and various alcohols are all water-soluble, and the table mat is also very convenient to clean. The daily cleaning method can be used.

2. Protein and starch dirt

This type of dirt includes various fruit juices containing plant protein, cakes, rice, starchy food residues and so on, which are easy to remove in cold water, and will solidify on the fabric after warming and washing, making it difficult to remove.

3. Grease dirt

For cleaning such stubborn stains on plastic table placemats, we can use emulsifiers with strong permeability and diffusivity. Then use hot water for washing. If it is a pigmented oil such as chili oil, in addition to the emulsifier, it needs to be bleached with hydrogen peroxide to remove the pigment caused by the oil.

Ⅱ. The surface of the plastic table placemats is sticky:

1. Wipe the plastic table mat with alcohol.

The plastic is spread on the table and reacts with the desktop paint, as well as the heat conduction of the dishes and bowls, causing the plastic to dissolve and become sticky. Wipe it with a cloth dipped in alcohol to alleviate the phenomenon of plastic


2. Wipe plastic table placemats with detergent.

The plastic is covered with oil stains and the plastic is sticky. Mix it with detergent and mix it evenly. Use a cloth dipped in detergent to wipe off the oil, and the effect will be obvious.

3. Thoroughly clean and keep the plastic table mat clean.

After a while, remove the plastic and clean it thoroughly regularly to keep the plastic clean.

4. If the plastic is aging, replace the plastic table placemats.

After using for a long time and  oxidation, the surface of the plastic will dissolve, and the plastic will become sticky. Replace with a new plastic table mat.

5. Protect the plastic table placemats.

Current plastic table mats are anti-scalding and heat-resistant, but after long-term heat conduction, the plastic will also be deformed and dissolved. When placing overheated bowls or plates on the plastic, try to put a heat-insulating pad under the bowl or plate, which will also extend the service life of the plastic table placemats.

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