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WANTU Products

As a leading manufacturer of PVC tablecloth and placemat, WANTU guarantees a perfect service system and a deep consciousness of service to meet our customers' requirements and expectations. Qualified and experienced, the technical experts ensure the best and quickest service for you. Moreover, customized service and professional solutions about using safety and latest pattern designed are provided at your convenience.
  • WANTU PVC Placemat

    Beautiful and elegant, the perfect decoration for your dining table!
    Made of high-quality PVC, durable and environmentally friendly!
    Easy to clean and maintain!
  • WANTU PVC Table Cloth

    Practical, convenient, beautiful, suitable for families, hotels, restaurants, can be matched with any furniture, and brings just the right fashion sense!
  • WANTU PVC Table Runner

    The table runner, compared with the tablecloth, is not so large, and some sides are V-shaped. The restaurant with table runner can enhance the owner's taste and style, and also make the home decoration more elegant.
  • WANTU PVC Cup Coaster

    Exquisite printing, using high-quality PVC material, heat-resistant and wear-resistant, easy to care, easy to clean!
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  • TEL:+86-0579-82926588
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  • ADDRESS:No.289 Fahua St.Jindong District Jinhua city Zhejiang, China


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